Thursday, April 28, 2005

Do you know your child's teacher's name?


Do you Knowledge your child or children's teacher(s) name(s)? Do they know your name? With the inDOCtrination going on in schools it is important that parents be aware of all of the food (mental and physical) that their children are being fed.

I knew the drill well. My Old Earth was a teacher. Getting report cards and teacher conferences was a family affair. Overtime I realized that the attention that I got in school was due, in part, to the constant presence of my parents. To this day the education school system in New Haven knows who I am due to this history. Being around all of the time my parents were the first to know about certain opportunities in the school system and how to petition for me to get into them.

Do you know you child's teacher's name?

Sometimes I think that my son's teacher is 'tired' of seeing me and my Earth. We speak with her on the phone, through letters sent via I-Victory and in person. We attend the school functions, events, and conferences. It is important that I-Victory see that education is a cooperative environment, not just one where we 'exile' him for the day.

You know the old saying, "The squeeky wheel gets the oil". Well, those who make Knowledge Born are the one's who will have a sturdy foundation to Build from.

Do you know your child's teacher's name?


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earth said...


From the perspective of a teacher AND parent, I see you.

As a parent…

I am most definitely interested in what’s happening with my babies at school in general and, specifically, in their classrooms. Their teacher is the first particle I do the knowledge to because, after all, that person is going to be setting the tone, laying the foundation and directing the cipher in which my babies will spend a considerable portion of their time. I want to knowledge what he or she is all about. I observe the teacher and his/her actions and, based on that knowledge, initially gauge how much “re-teaching” I’m going to have to do each night when the school day is done. Early on in the school year, I make it a point to make my presence known, and as the year continues, I am sure to make my presence consistent, so that it is clear that the influence of the school (and constituents within) is not the only power that Be.

Unfair as it may seem to some, I have found that my babies tend to be treated better, given more attention and have access to more resources, simply because I make my knowledge known.

As a teacher…

Now, of course I would like to say that I give all of my students the same attention, the same energy and the same access, yet, truthfully, that simply is not the case. It’s not that I play deliberate “favorites” or have more interest in certain students over others. I mean, teachers are busy folk. It’s hard work and energy to give full attention and energy to 20+ babies in one cipher at one time. Parents help teachers to remember that, more than just teaching “the class”, your duty is to teach a classroom full of INDIVIDUALS.

It is the PARENTS who demand that extra focus on their children. When they make their knowledge known (directly posed questions, seeking information/clarification, active presence and participation), it just demands that additional attention be given to their child and often to things which, admittedly, do not tend to arise within the hectic daily grind.

From a teacher’s perspective, I see parents as the “equalizers” who provide the “checks and balances” to what even a well-intentioned teacher’s wisdom may be and how it all jives with what the parents see is in the best interest of their children.

I see that all teachers bring their own “baseline investment” to the classroom cipher, which, for some teachers, may be quite high (or quite low), irrespective of parent involvement. Yet, through the lens of a teacher, I have seen that even as highly invested as I may be in ALL of my students, the ADDITIONAL energy I expend and attention I give to particular students, is generally equivalent to that of their parents’, proportional to the attention THEY give to the cipher.

Plus, when parents show their investment by being actively involved, the babies reflect this and become actively engaged and involved in their OWN learning. Simply, parents are a vital source of their child’s success in school.

Most peace is when the parents and teacher connect on a like foundation, feeding the babies a double-dose of the right foods at home and abroad.

Kahelah Symmetric Earth