Saturday, March 12, 2005

What if God was one of us


Maybe you missed this:

Oh wasn't about the Gods and Earths being drug dealers or a gang so it might have slipped your eye :P


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Damon X said...


Enjoyed the article, but as a member of the NOI for many years and studying under the NGE just as long there has been many inconsistencies about the origin of the teachings as usual, there are not many Gods and Earths who make this knowledge born. With all due respect to the Father, the 120's are nothing more than The Supremem Wisdom. I think it's a fallacies that the NGE claim that the teachings come from the Father when in fact it came questions asked from the True and Living God (in the personage of the Master Fard Muhammad, who is no spook or spirit) and answered from his student the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the 1930's. All "Muslims" who have accepted the teachings are required to master the 120 or Supreme Wisdom. So I think it's important that these newborns who you are enlightening, become enlightened with the truth. It's a shame that NGE refer to Muslims of the NOI as Muslims as if NGE can only claim to be PRT's. I know my 120/Supreme Wisdom, but also understand (and continue to gain enlightenment) the deeper meanings behind that. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, many years later stated that he could write volumes of books from every question answered in from Student Enrollment to the Problem Book. I'm sure that Minister Farrakhan can even enlighten all members of our august Nations (because we are one) on the 120's and he has.
It's a shame to even think that every FOI/MGT is not a God/Earth and vice-versa. It's a shame that many NGE believe that Father Allah knew that the Blackman is God and he left the NOI to teach that, when this has been the foundation of our Nation since the 1930's.
To be blunt if it wasn't for Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, there would be no Father Allah, First Borns, or Nation Of Gods and Earths. The NGE must pay honor to the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that was brought forth. The author of the article, unfortunately left that out.
The title of the piece brings about the querstion "why" which is mostly asked by the 85% of the world's population. God is us and the Supreme Being's power can only be seen and witnessed by the masses of Black men (who hail from Asia, if you know what I'm saying).
The Blackman is God and it never has been a mystery to me for over a decade. I love my Nation Of Islam, and Nationj Of Gods and Earths, but it's important that actual facts be presented.