Saturday, March 12, 2005



I know that the premise that the Blackman is God is not something that many will allow them self to even consider. To entertain the idea that there are other forms of thought outside of what is commonly defined as religion is anathema to many. The reality is that many forms of thought classified as religion in reality, upon closer examination, are not religions.

The fact that one does not agree with an initial premise of an ideology should not be used as an excuse to remain ignorant of another’s ideology. One should not separate them self from another body of people if there are points that they can agree upon. If two or more groups can find common ground that is relevant to positive, proactive activism within the community then this is bridge that they should cross together.

So…many can’t see that the Blackman is God or that the Black woman is Earth. What they should be able to see is that we stress that transformational change, in regards to a person’s life and the betterment of one’s community, starts with the individual. Casual observation will allow one to see that this is related to any one of those 1001 self help programs out there and also various programs for community responsibility.

We., meaning positive proactive people, should be able to agree that there is grand history of genocide, slavery, and colonization within the United States. We should also be able to agree that that history needs to be acknowledged yet not used as a crutch so that as a people, those whom were oppressed, reach and reestablish their full potential.

Though you may not agree with a Blackman calling himself God or a Black woman calling herself Earth one should be a student of history. You will be rewarded to know that there are various points in time where man declared himself the divinity in Japan, Africa, the Muslim world, the Christian world, etc.. There are enough 'earth mothers' to fill a whole book. I am not saying that you will AGREE with it. I am saying that you will find a continuity just like you find a continuity amongst the Judeo-Christian-Muslim world in terms of their beliefs.

If you take time and talk with us instead of about us you many find someone whom is concerned about what goes into their children’s head via television, someone whom is concerned about their diet, someone whom doesn’t want to be fully dependent or regulated by the government, someone whom is ‘well educated’ on current affairs and other subjects, etc…

In the long run, you may find someone whom is a lot like you.

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