Monday, March 14, 2005

God-Hop pt III

The Authenticity of N’jeri Earth


A lot of Earths whom I Knowledge credit becoming interested in the Nation of Gods and Earths via Erika Badu. She came around during the beginning of the ‘underground era’ of the Gods in Hip Hop circa ’97 which is hot off of the ‘Wu Era’ (you have the emergence of Gods such as J-Live, C-Rayz, Cipher Complete, Medina Green, Micranots, Self Scientific, etc.) She was a return to the ‘cultured’ aesthetic that was prominent during the Golden Age of Hip Hop (circa mid 80’s through early 90’s) that was prominent amongst such MCs such as Harmony, Queen Latifah and others whom wore head wraps, wore African prints, etc. Though in reality, the aesthetic was well grounded in the audience of Hip Hop via the presence of the Nation of Gods and Earths which you can tell from viewing stills of old concerts like those where the World Famous Supreme Team (C Divine the Mastermind and Just Allah the Superstar) were present.

In forthcoming interview literature it was revealed that Erika Badu didn’t consider herself apart of the Nation of Gods and Earths. She stated that she ‘use to’ study the lessons. In fact, it was rumored that the line ‘three dollars and six dimes’ in her single ‘On and On’ was originally ‘one dollar and two dimes’ (120 i.e. 120 Degrees). A lot of those whom were introduced to this science via Badu also brought a ‘new age’ aesthetic to the Nation that wasn’t exactly compatible with the Nation. When ‘badu-earths’ ran into true and living Earths in Mecca (Harlem), Medina (Brooklyn), or Pelan (Bronx) they either left this science alone or took time to find out what being a true and living Earth was all about. Thus for those who wonder about the true and living Earth’s presence in Hip Hop I would like to introduce you to N’Jeri Earth of D’Mecca (Detroit)

Oh, you may have seen her and just not realized whom you saw. She has a cameo in the movie ‘8 Miles’ in the cipher scene where they rhyme. She is the original woman with the head wrap on. What is not well known is that she has been paying her dues for years, months, and days in the underground Hip Hop circuit in Detroit and abroad. She is a well-known fixture in the Hip Hop community of Detroit. She also appeared on 2 cuts on the GZA’s sophomore album, Beneath the Surface.

Why is N’jeri Earth important to Hip Hop?
She is a graduate of a 4-year musical tech school. She produces, arranges, play a variety of instruments, etc. While it is typical to find males in the industry that are multi-talented many women do not get the same spotlight as them. She is one that deserves said spotlight. She is representative of a woman’s dimension of Hip Hop that is not often seen nor heard. In the ‘over-ground’ female MCs you have a monolithic presentation of woman as a sex object by male MCs AND by the few over-ground female MCs. N’jeri Earth represents an aesthetic AND ethic (as my righteous brother I-Majestic Allah states) that is absent. In the underground scene she presents a grounded view that is not ‘anti-male’ rather it is an ethic that is grounded in the sanctity of man, woman and child. Plus, her flow is ridiculous. She has the strength behind her voice like Lyte yet her projection is very crisp and clean.

The above reasons of why she is important to Hip Hop are why she is a valued Earth in our Nation. Many have a monolithic view of how women in the Nation of Gods and Earths are. Ironically, many whom present their view rarely ask the Earths how they view them selves or listen to what the Earths have written about them selves. If she isn’t a ‘well rounded woman’ than I don’t Knowledge who is. Her website is:

Do yourself a favor and bless yourself. Check it out. Her discography is below.

· Carmel Covered Brotha (Shepard Scroll), 1997
· Geriatric Warz (Bigg Tenn), 1998
· Father (Bigg Tenn), 1998
· Reservations (Bigg Tenn), 1998
· Dying Inside (Bigg Tenn), 1998
· Vanglorious a.k.a Smoke That (Bigg Tenn), 1998
· Sinister (Bigg Tenn), 1998
1112 (Universal), 1999
Victim (Universal), 1999
· Last Friday at the Plaza (Earths Rotation)
· Just Us (Earths Rotation), 1999
· Supa Nigga (Earths Rotation), 1999
Detroit (Earths Rotation), 1999
· Cold World (Earths Rotation), 1999
· Unnamed (Earths Rotation), 1999
· Pipe Dreams (Earths Rotation)
· Benevolent Lieutenant (Earths Rotation), 1999
Mystical Magical (Jonada Records), 2001
· Verse of 3rd Parking lot Rapper - The Movie 8 Mile (Universal), 2001
· What U Cee (Earths Rotation), 2001
· The Mind (Earths Rotation), 2001
· The Virus (Sick Notes), 2002
· A Blessing (Earths Rotation), 2002
· Masterz of the Universe (Earths Rotation), 2002
· Preservation of Life (Earths Rotation), 2002
· Switch the Game (Earths Rotation), 2002
· The Lecture a.k.a Rendemisms (G-Camp/Earths Rotation), 2003
Change Gon Come (G-Camp/Earths Rotation)

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