Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beast Way of Life?


I am seeing more and more parents nowadays using the ‘child harness’. For those unfamiliar with this device it is several straps that hook around a young child. These straps are connected to a leash that the parent holds. This is so that the ‘child won’t get lost’.

I grew up in the ‘Atlanta Child Murder’ era. I have a young son. I can sympathize with a parents need to insure that their child doesn’t become one of the millions of children on milk boxes. What I can’t condone though is the treatment of one’s child like a beast.

Parents need to watch their children. This is the bottom line. When one is in public the safety of your child is fundamentally YOUR responsibility. I am amazed by how many parents let their children ‘roam’ in stores while they do shopping in another part or while they chat on their cell phone. I am not speaking of teenaged or even pre-teen children. I am speaking of like 4-8 year olds.

Don’t ‘dumb down’ your relationship to your child by treating them like a beast. What needs to be done is that the parent needs to step up their observation of their son or daughter.

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