Thursday, February 10, 2005

Experimenting with High Explosives

North Korea has nukes. North Korea was targeted by the Bush Administration as 1/3 of the ‘triturative of evil’. Anyone whom is versed in propaganda knows that the first step in ‘making an enemy’ is to ‘demonize’ the enemy. The other 2/3’s of the ‘triturative’, as named by the Bush Administration, was Iran and Iraq. It comes as no surprise that all of the above three countries are enclaves of Original People whom actively sought liberty from Western politics, socialization, and colonization.

Now, America went into Iraq under the pretense that they were going to ‘find the weapons of mass destruction’ and take them out of the hands of a ‘madman’. Alas, no weapons of mass destruction. It is easy to punk someone who doesn’t have any weapons.

It will be interesting to see what America does in the case of North Korea because we KNOW they have nuclear weapons. Will we ‘try’ to punk them? I think not. Despite what many people say, I am under the impression that we KNEW that Iraq didn’t have any WMD cause if they did we would’ve been more careful the way in which we approached them. We would’ve been just as careful as we have been with North Korea who, all along, didn’t comply with the same things that Iraq didn’t (kicked out UN inspectors for example).

Anyone who has grown up in AnyGhetto U.S.A. knows the science of a bully. A bully only bullies someone whom is weaker then him.
It will be real interesting to see how the Pacific Rim community reacts to North Korea or any sign of the U.S.A. intervening. India and Pakistan also are nearing great nuclear capability in terms of delivering the bomb via missle. I don’t think that the Pacific Rim community wants any U.S. involvement as their simple presence could help to further destabilize the whole region.

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