Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dr Supreme Understanding: Teacher of Righteousness

I've walked a long path with my righteous brother Dr Supreme Understanding. It culminated with working at Supreme Design Publishing with him and writing/editing several books with him. That though is just a small intersection of wlaking with my brother. He is the epitome of the Five Percent and I can say that without reservation. If y'all are impressed by books that we have worked on together you should hear the conversations that take place between us. He is one who is self reflective while at the same time challenging you to be who you say you are.

At this juncture of his life he moved into a new endeavor in terms of meshing these teachings with the challenges of the modern era. Always the Original man, Supreme adapts the modern landscape and technology to his personal needs. Please take some time and check out his current moves over at his site at

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