Monday, February 28, 2011

The Continuing Impact of the Knowledge of Self Anthology

For real being involved with the production of the Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Wisdom on the Science of Everything in Life has been a gift that keeps on giving. The part which I am constantly amazed and humbled about is how it continues to grow in influence. My work with the book has been the portal for my continued work with Supreme Design Publishing.

One the major ways that it has been a useful tool is as a road sign to direct those who are in search of the knowledge of self towards the right direction. I have received numerous calls and emails from people at home and internationally abroad with inquiries on how they could get more in tune with the Gods and Earths. While many of us who got this knowledge at earlier eras usually cite Hip Hop as first frame of reference for the Nation many who have received this book cite this book as their first experience with the Nation. This lets me know that the paradigm has changed and that we need to be aware of this shift if we are to be successful teaching the 85%.

At the February Universal Parliament at Mecca I was able to introduce a young man from Pelan to a God from Pelan who will take him under the wing in terms of walking him through 120. It felt good to know that that young man first found out about the Nation via the Knowledge of Self anthology. He had called me up and told me that he was interested in finding out more. I told him to meet me at the Root and I was able to facilitate that meeting. It is said that one word can change a Nation. Imagine what whole sentences, paragraphs, and essays do to people.

Myself and my Blackseeds (Al Khem I Allah and NiRule U Allah) were set up to vend next to Father Bushawn in Mecca. I was humbled by Father Bushawn reaching over to grab a copy of the Knowledge of Self anthology to illustrate a point to a group of Gods at the Parliament. He said how in his opinion our book is the best one put out by the Nation. He qualified it by saying that most books on the Nation look toward the past and give the history on the Nation. He said that he could get the history from any of the older Gods. What the Knowledge of Self anthology gives though, he pointed out, was the view point of the young and reflection how how the Knowledge of Self has impacted their lives.

The above lets me know that we are moving in the right direction with Supreme Design Publishing. We aren't centered on writing books for the 5%. Our products are supposed to be universal and reach the 85%. This allows us to do our duty as the 5%.

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Joachim347 said...

Thank you all who were involved with this great anthology. This book helped me discover a whole nation of like minded people. For the making of this book, I am forever grateful.