Friday, July 30, 2010

Popa Wu: A 5% Story

I’ve been with Khalik since he set it off. Let me clarify that. I remember being at a Rally at the Head of Medina when CeeAquil brought this young buck my way. He introduced himself to me by his honorable name and he proceeded to tell me that he was in High School. You have to understand, this is the untried Khalik. This is the fresh eyed youth. If you didn’t meet him back then you have no idea what I am speaking on because he is nothing like that now. Being that CeeAquil and myself go way back I kept in tune with the elevation of his student. I remember though when he stepped up to me at one Parliament though in Mecca with that same energy that I remember back from the 80’s on some “Peace God, Remember me? I come in the name of King Khalik Understanding Allah!” I KNEW it was on then.

I know I am supposed to be talking about Khalik’s latest project “Popa Wu: A 5% Story” which is a biopic of Popa Wu better known amongst the 5% as Freedom Allah. Yet his product speaks for itself. What you NEED to know about is the man behind the film. You need to know about him because this is only the beginning of his greatness. You need to know that before he had Knowledge of Self he was failing in High School yet when he got in tune with his SELF he elevated out of that. He is one of the few Gods who I can Build with on the raw food science. He ain’t ever slipping on his degrees. He is the epitome of word is bond because what he says he is going to do he does it. His thoughts are manifested in the flesh. He writes his plus degrees in his works.

You need this biopic not because it is about Popa Wu. You need it because Khalik took pieces of a man from Brooklyn’s life, compressed them into a fine mist, drew it up and let it distill back down again in a form that is detectable to the naked eye. His use of tones and eclectic breaks pair well with assertive energy that is Popa Wu. This is an intimate look at Popa Wu. You can tell that Khalik formed a connection with Popa Wu through the work. He isn’t an outsider doing the biopic. He became an insider in order to offer a clear picture that is detectable to the naked eye. Cop you a copy.

Order it directly from the ‘Five Percent Stories LLC’ by emailing  “Khalik Allah” at:

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