Sunday, July 18, 2010 his own good time.

For years on my Born  Day I have built on my physical degree as it corresponds to my degree in in the meat (the 1-40).  Ra Justice from New Judea (Jacksonville, FL) reminded me that back in the day (circa 94) on the Allah listserv (the first online network devoted to the Gods and Earths before all of these social networks) the person whose physical degree day it was had to Build on the day’s Supreme Mathematics.  

Knowledge Build all being Born to Born.  You want no bills?  Then you have to know how to Build.  You have to be aware of how to bring the right elements together in order to remove the obstacles to your goal(s).  Thus your will reach your goal.  It will be detectable to the naked eye and clear as day.

My physical degree is Understanding Born.  I show and prove the relevance of everything that I do and how it is connected.  My life is my presentation.  Through my life I offer a person a road to gain insight into the science of everything in life.  

When ALLAH came to the youth of NYC and told them that they were God he gave them instruction about how to deal with the devil.  When I came in tune with the teachings I was taught not to hope.  I was taught to work.  I have mentally lived to see the day.  I was taught that I was living in the hereafter. There was no need to fast or to pray for something that I was already doing.  My Understanding was Born mentally.  I took the devil off of the planet.  Since that time I have refused to measure myself against the colored man and his works.  He was only to rule for 6,000 years.  He is not the standard any more.  I am the Ruler.  My internal balance is re-established and I am no longer blind, deaf or dumb.  My physical Understanding in the person of my son I-Victory came into existence and there devil was never on his planet.  He realizes that he has a job to do here that has nothing to do with a devil.  As a prince he is inheriting his throne from his Father and has no need to inherit it from the devil.  

This is that day.  Understanding is when it all clicks.  It is when you are able to see how each individual element fits into the whole.  By looking at my writing, my publishing, my editing, my Earth, my son, my demeanor, my laugh, my interests, my grace, it is evident that it is all as one to me.  

“When Allah in his own good time...”

When Understanding is Born ,Allah has a good time.

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