Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Integrity of the Cipher

I have observed many Ciphers in my years, months, and days in the Nation.  A Rally is when the Gods and/or Earths come together.  A Parliament is when the Gods and Earths come together to handle business.  The Universal Parliament happens at the root in Mecca and that is where Nation business is handled.  Every Parliament is a Rally yet every Rally isn't a Parliament.  In my observation of various Cipher and being instrumental for making sure that that was a sound Cipher in my own Kingdom I have observed qualities that are necessary for a productive Cipher.  These are a few of my observations.

1. In the blackman's body there exist two germs a black germ and a brown germ.  Yacub with his laws on Birth Control separated the brown germ from the black germ and grafted it into white, by destroying the black. (30:40). 

When you have a Cipher there needs to be ONE Cipher.  No off to the side little conferences.  No alternative Builds.  Allah stated if we wanted to see him all we had to do was come together.  If we are diluting the body then neither Cipher is going to be manifesting its full vitality. 

2.  We stand in a Cipher because it is a perfect security formation when out in the open.  Everyone's back is covered by the person on the other side of the Cipher.  The Cipher can collectively see every angle.

3.  A Parliament or  Rally (outside of the Universal Parliament) on average lasts around 3 1/2 hours.  If you can't fast from smoking cigarettes, various stimulants and alcohol for that amount of time while you are around women and babies your ass is kinda weak.  You really might have an issue with being mastered by a substance.

4.  Real functional Parliaments have man, woman and child.  This works as the piece of steel with magnetic in it to the 85%.  Yes, you may have to have some God Rallies or Earth Cipher yet your main Parliament needs to be a physical representation of the Universal Flag.

5.  If your Parliament is outside make sure there is a clear view on all sides.  If you have it in the interior make sure that the exits are clear and guarded.  Make sure that there are bathroom facilities are available.

6.  Man get some food up in there so that people can get social afterwards.  You know Original people bond around food.  It's also a great way to show the 85% that eating the right foods can be a delicious affair. 

7.  Everybody wants to yell 'we live off the clock' or emphasize "Original People time" when it comes to making it to our affairs.  Yet I KNOW they don't be late for that white man's job.  Stop emphasizing that you have selective amnesia when it comes to living out 1:40.  Word is bond also extends to when we have decided to come together.  That is just disrespectful to be late all of the time.

8.  Also knowledge is the foundation (respect).  Don't show up late, jump in the Cipher and Build, then leave without listening to anyone.  Come on time, listen to other people Build, add on, stay and socialize.

9.  Parliament is to handle Nation business.  Make sure all Nation business is handled

10.  You don't have to sing it every Parliament (yet maybe you should) yet make sure everyone can sing our National Anthem, The Enlightener.

11.  In terms of planning in advance make sure the time and place of the Cipher is known and properly communicated in advance.  With all of these crazy ways of communicating (phone, text, email, internet, etc) it is amazing that this is still an issue amongst Kingdoms.

12.  I grew up in going to church all day Sunday, Tuesday nights and Friday nights.  Making one gathering once a month is no big thing.  Get your life together so that you can make at least one gathering a month for your Nation.  In actuality you should be gathering on different levels more often yet please, make at least one.

13.  Pay attention to your audience.  If your crowd has the 85% in there quote your degrees yet make the connection so that they can follow you.  Have some kind of lesson/subject when you step into the Cipher.  Don't be telling your whole life story or some never ending testimony.  Keep it fresh and funky.  Also keep the Cipher hot.  The Cipher is symbolic to the solar system with the son in the center.  It should never get cold.  Make sure someone is always Building up in there.

14.  The security of Ciphers outside of the root (Mecca) are rooted in the fact that you should know each other.  You don't need to have people frisk you up and down when you are in your own damn Kingdom.  Everyone should KNOW each other and if there are visitors to the Cipher and someone brings them THEY are accountable for them.  If there are visitors who know one knows then watch them.  The reason that there is frisking at Mecca is because it is right off of 125th Street ANYONE could walk up in there.  Knowledge is the foundation.

If there are any other qualities that you see necessary for a positive progressive Cipher add on.


**Jael Devine** said...

Yeah that's heavy God. Peace Allah.

The Universal Truth said...

Peace! The only one I can think of is if someone enters the cipher and no one knows them, ask them who they are/make knowlegde born of themselves, and to state there purpose. The God Ramel Allah Mathematics had a short build on that one at a recent parliament in VA this past Sunday.Peace!

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace. True indeed G. That's common respect which is rooted in Knowledge.