Saturday, December 05, 2009

Chronicles of ALife (renewal/pt I)

I use to have blog called the "Chronicles of ALife" which detailed my travels across the planet. I realized that I had traveled far and near and wanted to reflect on some of my impressions from those travels. I don't have that blog anymore yet I'm going to absorb it into this blog and repost some of those posts. I'm also going to add more reflections on my travels.


Season for Everything

It was indeed a journey. I knew that I had to remain focused yet I didn't really fully see what I was entering into when I decided to work on a cruise ship for 3 months. I did know that it was somewhere that I needed to be in order to clear my head and get clarity on a lot of issues within my realm.

I have named this whole section of my travel the "The Twelve Jewels of Ishmael". It is in reference to a plus degree within the Nation of Gods and Earths (the 12 Jewels of Islam) and to the Biblical and literary personage of Ishmael (if you don't know who this is in both cases pick up a book or at least read wikipedia). There are twelve jewels given in said degree and I was on the boat for 12 weeks. I correlated each jewel to each week that I was on the boat. I decided to start a whole travelogue blog because I have traveled a bit in comparison to other people whom I know. I thought that it would be good to give a Black Man's perspective. I will be giving other notes about my other travels in the near future.

For me this journey up and down the East coast was the "Atlantic Ocean" (2:11+2). The Atlantic Ocean is the divide by which many original people came to North America during the Middle Passage. In that way it has a bloody history. Yet those who survived said passage also gave birth to those whom were later enlighten to the Knowledge of their self. Traveling over the Atlantic Ocean was only the 1st phase of this journey of mine's. Did they receive more gold? Emphatically no. Yet in time many realized that the gold was in their own self setting and reaching their own goals. Though through this I did generate a surplus of gold in order to finance the next phase of my continued growth and development. This is the travel through the "Indian Ocean"(3:11+2) (finding a way to make my life my income i.e. enlightenment) and finally the "Pacific Ocean" (1:11+2) (living abroad for a few years comfortably).

A wise Earth constantly reminded me that I'd be only gone for a season (12 weeks). I was. With seasons things change. I was Old Man Justice (who was a Merchant Sea man by the way) traveling on the sea. Some days the boat was Ra's boat. Other times it was the nail boat.

I hope that you gain some insight and enjoyment of the recollection of my journey. The wise stuff I did, the trouble that I got into at times, the unwise stuff I did, and the just down right silly stuff I found my self in sometimes. Some parts of this are X-Rated so hide the

The race is not given to the swift

P.S. Though this is not specifically geared toward those whom are in the Nation of Gods and Earths there are sections that are reflective of that way of life. The numerical notations in parenthesis are numeric notations of our curriculum
, 120 degrees.

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