Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Chronicles of ALife (pt III) Watch what you're saying, Weigh what you're doing

The Jewel for the first official post outside of the intro was Knowledge. Now this is Wisdom.

Intelligent conversation. Know what to say and when to say it. I saw that a lot of people are full of porkshit in my travels. Talking ‘gutter’ amongst the educated as though that is reflective of keeping it real. Talking ‘superscientifical’ amongst the common folk as though that makes one ‘look’ intelligent.

I’m that uncommon common man. I can flow into any situation/environment yet still radiate enough shine to stand out. I learned most of that skill from my mom and my pops. It is definitely an acquired skill. When I was younger I was definitely very introverted. As I got older I learned to take the attributes of my introvertedness (yup..made up word…rock it with style) and make them cool. I’m a Black Nerd, Ghetto Griot Geek, Supreme Ultramagnetic Swagger Rocker with a twist of Sake, Suburban Block B-Boy Breakbeat Beatboxer, Comic Chess Cosmic Captain Melanin, The Oreo with the Chocolate Filling, historian, father, lover and friend.

Now, being on the ship one thing that I had to get use to was the movement of water. It was during the second week that I got my first bout of sea sickness. In the kitchen you have to understand that I had to endure 1001 different smells from the cleaning chemicals, to lobster guts, boiling beans, and just the general funk of some of those crew mates who for some reason were scared of their showers.

Now, I was getting used to getting up early in the morning and getting straight to work. At home, I got up around the same time to start the day with my son and myself. The difference was that we got up 6:30am so that we could ease into our day. We would wake up to fresh music, have some tea, go over some affirmations/math exercises, and just watch some fresh stuff on animal planet. Here I had to get up, get the physical dead right, and get up stairs to work.

In the kitchen you have a fresh view of the ocean through the window so it was like visual meditation. I loved it. Not this morning though. We were going through rough seas….my stomach was flipping out. Now, it just isn’t the stomach, it is the whole nervous system of the body. I was like..damn. A hangover never felt like this. I had to go downstairs to ‘relieve’ myself like 5 times during the morning meal. After that Dramamine became my mistress.

In solitude I learned that I needed to get some things done. I needed to get them done because they would become the doorway by which I could continue to elevate and move forward. A quality of Wisdom is making the right choices. Right choices increase room for growth and development. Wrong choices generate stagnation. What was incredible is that I was able to get a lot done on land while I was at sea. I wasn’t distracted so I was able to keep in contact with the right people on land (good lookin’ guys…you know who you are) who kept everything kinetic.

Wisdom is will. After I got rid of the other porkcrap in the mental I was really able to see what MY will was. I then remixed it and said this is what WILL happen. It is just about being ALWAYS conscious that we make things happen and that we have greater control over situations then we give ourselves credit for.

Within the first two weeks I saw many loose their jobs due to their actions. They were all chilling with some of the seven deadly sins. One girl lost her job cause she snuck down into the men’s quarters to get her sex on (lust). One due just kept falling asleep on his watch (sloth). One dude thought that his was the 1st mate instead of the deckhand (pride).

With communication we just don’t rely on what ‘webster’ says. We generate and create language anew everyday. As such we started to make words that were applicable to our common experience. Let me share a few with you.

Lala-put at the end of any woman onboard who was a weed smoker. Ex..Lisa la la. You had to take a drug test to get on the boat yet not STAY on the boat. The women were especially guarded about their use so the code came up for them.

Exclamation-on the real..there were a lot of metro-homothug-dl mofos onboard. They got into mad hissy fits. They acted like a ‘stereotypical woman on her period.’ So we started to say that dudes were on their exclamations.

SARS-Shit Ain’t Right

We had some others. When they come through the mental I’ll drop them.

BTW all communication is emotional. Emotion is the QUALITY of a particular communication. Even if one is ‘emotionless’ or ‘logical’ the quality of that communication is ‘cold’ or ‘detached’. It is wise to deal WITH emotions. Recognize them for what they are. They are indicators of the nature of the relationship between two people, places, things, etc.

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