Wednesday, November 18, 2009


From any study or way of enlightenment there is always a point of transition where you have to get ready to transform. In the martial arts the master observes you and sees if you can follow simple instructions. Sometimes it isn't about the task that he gives you. Most times it is just to see if you are going to do the damn thing.

When I first got this I ran 200 mph to everyone and if you showed a glimmer of interest I was forcing you to learn 120. Um..that sh*t didn't go too well. The vessel has to be prepared. It has to be cleaned out. It isn't just about physically fasting it is about mentally emptying the brain and simply don't know sh*t about Allah's Mathematics as a student. You are here to learn.

Degree-wise it is about the duty of a civilized person. That degree speaks about teaching a person civilization, righteousness even before they get to the knowledge of their self. Many times that person has drank the kool aid and you have to get it out of the glass. Dump it. Rinse it also to make sure there is no sugar residue on the inside. You know the story about how a person sees a glass either 1/2 full or 1/2 empty. Either perspective is dangerous to a potential student if they keep the kool aid in the glass. Because either they try to reformat their non mathematical ways into a mathematical format or they are still drawn down by their non mathematical ways to the degree that they can't elevate. Empty the glass and rinse.

It is a journey with the person though. You have to assure them that you aren't here to change their glass. It may be of crystal or wood or ceramic. It may be indigo, burnt orange or jade. We aren't here to change the I (ego) yet we are here to connect you to your Self (non-local mind, wu shin, implicit order).

Civilization ensures that they have all of the right tools to complete the journey through 120. We never set a person up for failure. Righteousness just means that they are going in the right direction. Can you imagine teaching someone about this destination that they are supposed to reach and they are going in the wrong direction?

It is one thing to be a poor righteous teacher yet you have to make sure that you have a sincere willing student.

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