Monday, November 16, 2009

The author(ity)

My righteous sister Serenity commented yesterday that she missed my longer blog post. I remember connecting with Serenity, who went on to become the Earth of my alike Precise, due to the fact that she had "The Headbanger" from EPMD playing on her page. That's my sh*t!! Also my first Earth's name was Serene Oasis so that's another reason why she's always been cool people's with me.

What's funny is I have not stopped writing. If anything I am writing more. I couldn't stop writing if I wanted to. I think the only person online who has expressed my sentiments has been Emblem in regards to the craft of writing. It is my craft, a compulsion, an addiction, and one of the clearest ways by which I paint upon my environment. It has never been just a hobby and recently I have also taken it to the level of being part of my livelyhood in terms of working as an editor and publisher with Supreme Design Publishing and Two Horizons Press.

I still write. I still compose poetry almost everyday. I consistently write in a journal on the daily reflecting on everything that phases through my synapses. I've even taken it to the next level lately and have been constructing my own journals. I got an ill book on book making plus another one on the masters of book making. They have been inspiring my own creations. I just recently made a journal where the paper is made using the leaves from the trees in my own backyard. As I continue in my own language studies (Nahuatl and Farsi) I am learning the Perso-Arabic script adding that to my own cursive talents of wildstyle.

So yeah. I'm still writing. I just realized that somethings aren't for everybody. Some people don't share the same value of what you are sharing. And I knowledge that seems to be a weird sentiment for someone who is blogging for the whole world to see yet those who have meditated on it have come to the other side of the koan.

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