Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Magnanimous Magnetic

Magnetic Magnetic..some have it..some don't...if you roll with the 5% you better have it.

"..he discovered that one piece had magnetic in it and the other did not"

Some people have magnetic yet they are those soft magnets that crumble when your run them between your fingers. To the general public (85%) they're 'fly' they got 'swag' yet those with our third eyeglaucoma free rock Kryptonian X-ray vision see right through them...they ain't got no internal fortitude.

The degree talks about being the piece of steel with magnetic in it. Steel ain't no soft shit. Anatolia (modern day Turkey) is one of the earliest places on the planet that the development of steel took place. It makes sense in that is one of the place where the gates were through the Caucasus Mountains into Europe. They had to be strapped. And when you're claiming this way of life you gotta not be on some soft shit. Be as steel or people will try to steal your magnetic. You know the types that want the name and the fame yet not the work of being God or Earth. And some of the areas that some of you work or live is straight Anatolia so you need to steel yourself.

"Everybody wanna be God or Earth yet nobody wanna be God or Earth."

To develop magnetism in something you move the magnet over it in one direction so that internally everything lines up in the same direction. So many have a negative perception of ego yet its necessary. As a people our ego has been destroyed. Ego is nothing except the development of your own independent personality. Original people been eating too much humble pie for years and we're seeing the symptoms of that obesity. We need more stand up men and women.

So yes, it's okay to stroke the ego. That's me giving you some of this magnetic. The young 5%ers use to travel up to see ALLAH to get some magnetic. When I teach what do you think I'm doing? I'm stroking the ego so that the person develops into their manhood and womanhood by going in the right(eous) direction. You have to come around to get some of this magnetic. Don't be type that is 'building with theirselves' yet isn't progressing so they sound the same that they did years ago.

As God or Earth your magnetism needs to have a foundation. For the true and living God that's the nuclear fusion reactions of the Sun of Man for the Earth that thegeo-thermal reactions of her interior stratified by her several terrestrial levels that enables the planet Earth to retain her electro -magnetic field. Your magnetism should be a result of your foundation in the knowledge of yourself. You should not just seek to emulate theasthetics of one having 'knowledge of self' to conceal the fact that you have no foundation. And those are the ones who as they get older try to go back into the grave (christianity), the urn (muslimism), lodge, new agism, or some other gerneral wierdness..all of them basically working to go back into the womb.

Make sure your magnet is of steel. Make sure that you develop the core values of this Culture. This ain't no fad. Fads go out of fashion. The Gods and Earths fashion their environment so that they are the most magnetic in the room. If you go into an arena and all eyes ain't on might not be God or Earth.

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Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

This is good God. And just what I needed to see right now.