Thursday, September 24, 2009

Climbing Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on the planet above sea level. You must be able to see the level in order to realize the height of the mountain. Mount means to step up. When the 5% get busy we don't ever rest because we continue to raise the bar.

The Tibetan name for Mount Everest is Chomolungma or Qomolangma , which means "Saint Mother"), and the Chinese transliteration is Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng which refers to Earth Mother; the Chinese translation is Shèngmǔ Fēng , which refers to Holy Mother. You can see that mountains be manifestations of the Original woman. In fact one of the Earths who I walked through 120, Kahela drew her name from a prominent mountain Kailash in South East Asia. That mountain is the woman reaching toward her man, reaching to kiss the sky. Sacred mountains are representative of the world's axis. That's why I love a woman who is in tune with her axis, center, spine because it doesn't mean shit if a woman has beautiful "hills and mountains" if she ain't got no posture. A woman with knowledge of self walks upright, perpendicular to the square, and isn't hunched over because she isn't living in caves away from the light. That headwrap symbolic of being drawn up to her fullest Equality in a fine mist because she is the finest and you gotta acknowledge her when she is in the midst.

Our messenger reported that the Original Man utilized high explosive to make deep trenches and raise up mountains. When the Original Man steps his game up is all the way live and original using innovation to make a change in the terrain. We know and understand that we have to take it higher. Mount Everest is 29,141 ft high. That's how we optimize our success (29:40) in the dead world (14:40) because he keeps his focus on the best part (1:14) by keeping our feet moving. Mount Everest is approx 6 miles high. As you get higher on the mountain the ecology changes. When you are moving in the real of the successful you have to relate to people different. The ecology/Equality shifts. If you want to be successful you have to only rock with those who can move in that ecology/Equality. The Original man is the like the monks who be practicing tummo, the meditation where they draw the heat from inside their body so that they stay warm and can melt ice surviving in that environment I can't be moving with those other types who be having mad equipment just to climb up a couple of feet. Make sure you are partnering with the person of said ability.

Allah is God in the Earth and the Heavens above. The mountaintop is where the Earth touches the vault of firmament of heaven. Again, raised to her fullest Equality requires a degree of great humility for the Sun of Man. When the Earth is raised up and the God is moving on up in the world than you have the manifestation of heaven.

Asiatic nations always referenced their mountains. Even mythical ones like Mount Qaf made of green emerald that surrounds the world and is 500 years high and takes 2,000 years to go around in Islamic mythology. It's the axis mundi of the world.
It's borrowed from Persian and Indian worldviews that relates it to mountain known as Khukairya, Hara Berezaita and Alburz in Zoroastrian texts. Hara Berezaita is a legendary mountain in Persian mythology the name meaning 'high watch', 'guard' or 'protect.' Those are the Elbruz/Alborz mountain range in northern Iran filtering all the way down to the east side of Iran. That mountain range is one of the areas that separate the worst part from the best part. It's one of the points by which the devil invaded the best part and ancient Persians held down the corridors during that conflict.

The Book of Enoch is one of those 'missing books of the Bible' that was preserved in Ethiopia. In it is speaks about the 'white fallen angels' who planned to corrupt man. They made these plans on Mount Hermon in Syria/Lebanon. The name means "forbidden place." The Book of Enoch lists the names of some of those devils and what they taught. Again that mountain is another major entry point for the devil into the best part. Just like the Book of Enoch was preserved in Ethiopia is the same way that the truth about the Colored Man has been preserved in the Black community. For example you know that we didn't need no books to tell us that the Colored Man was experimenting on us. The Tuskegee Experiment and other atrocities were passed down as oral tradition so in effect the Black community always recognized who those 'fallen angels" were.

The Devil has his mountains also in his board rooms and ivory towers. They have caucuses which are those Caucasus mountains. They 'step up' also yet we have to keep Supreme Mathematics in view in that we don't mimic them. We're Original. They be dying when they attempt to scale Mount Everest yet on Mount Hermon they work it out. No matter what the arena whether it is health, economics, relationships we need to always keep in mind that we are the prototype. Keep their weak and wicked ideas roped into their mountain range. They are no where in our range. They are nothing in comparison to the Original Man. Step your game up.

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