Monday, August 10, 2009


The Original Tron was that shiz. It meshed computer graphics and real life imagery in a way that hadn't been done before at that time. In fact, it ain't really been done right since. For those who don't know in the 80's we KNEW how we were going to live in the future. The sound of the various video games at the arcade was the soundtrack. We would have bug eyed goggles and photosensitive gloves that would enable us to port our whole body into virtual reality. Tron was all of that distilled so clear. The light bikes and the light razor sharp throwing blades. Come on. They never got a video game right to really get the ambiance of the movie though.

That's why I got high hopes for this new Tron movie. It looks like one of the few movie sequels where the wait of time was worth the wait. We shall surely see.

Tron II trailer

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