Monday, March 09, 2009

To come together

Imagine business and family fun time all rolled in one. That pretty much sums up any C-Truth Parliament. Again another one goes down in history. A record number of people came out who were interested in hearing more about the Nation and visitors brought visitors! A beautiful agenda was set for the next few months in C-Truth.

I saw some faces that I haven't seen in years, months and days. Wise Teacher came down with a carload from Mecca-Mass and went back and got another one! The young moon SciDey wasn't feeling well at all yet nonetheless she begged her Old Earth SciHonor to come to the Parliament (all of you excuse making 'gods' and 'earths' out there take note). Young El Adon astounded the Cipher when he built on the day's mathematics. (BTW thanks SciHonor for looking out on the food. She noticed that when a God be Building he be forgetting that he hasn't eaten and hooked the God up). My fruit did what they do. I am about to embark on a God retirement plan. The God Knowledge from Bridgeport made sure that his Kingdom was represented to the fullest. Caravans traveled from New Heaven to Hartford. Born Truth welcomed us into his bookstore space and let the newborns know that he ain't about being God and being broke and plans for economic empowerment for all were laid down. I got to see my righteous sister Eternal Earth build in the Cipher and was just recalling on how she just came into this about a year ago and now she is dropping math like it ain't no thing. Scientific Born walked through that door and I almost fell over. Haven't seen him for a minute yet he is such an important part of the history of C-Truth. Of course my alike, Lord Sincere, jokes and math the whole time that we're there. Ain't not a damn thing changed.

Yet for me the most valuable point was when Tamari and Jilam, my two older brothers, from Mecca-Mass came through that door. They are the soul of this region. They put the stamp down wherever they go and to have their approval means alot on many levels.

To see him all we have to do is come together.

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