Thursday, March 05, 2009

Teach On

From West to East: AlKim I Allah, NiRule Unique Allah, Knowledge God Allah and the brother Ty.

Sunrays - Madlib

I was taught that if you didn't reproduce mentally or physically that you a ghey mofo. Reproduction is the order of the day to show and prove that you have a correct Understanding of the notion of no beginning nor ending which is infinity. If you don't teach and you CLAIM to have knowledge of yourself then you aren't doing anything else different than what the slavemaster did. How can you claim to have the truth yet deny it to the people? Who are you? You definitely aren't MY alike.

There are days that I 'dream' about retiring from teaching and then I laugh at myself. I wouldn't have it any other way except teaching. The look on people's faces when that light oes off in their head when they understand a particular particle. Priceless. Right now I have the brother's NiRule and Alkim are next to my last fruit in C-Truth who I am teaching (I may teach one more brother). Yet I am already lined up with those whom I am walking through this abroad as I travel abroad.

The one thing that is great about these brothers is that they are ready to hit the streets running. In fact each of them already has drawn someone to this who is ready to be down so part of the process is mentoring them on HOW to teach people. Teach. Touch Each yet first you have to reach.

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