Monday, March 30, 2009

March Universal Parliament was the Earth's

Incredible day yesterday at the root of civilization which is Mecca aka Harlem. A core of Builders are invigorating everything again. The universal parliaments are becoming more dense and more dense. Also a renewed sense of 'are you who you say you are' is permeating the atmosphere and its peace. I saw many a Cipher that reminded me of my youth in the Nation. Nobody was letting anyone declare anything at face value.

There was a peace Cipher with one of my fruit Al-Khem I Allah and NiRule Unique Allah. I was building with my alike NYAllah while the younger Gods were introducing theirselves to some Gods. All of the sudden a heated Build started. And before you knew it there were like 7 Medina Gods swarming around the Gods. NyAllah smiled and reminded me..."man it use to be that i would just ask a brother who taught them and if they said C'BS I was're good. Yet that ain't protocall. They need to show and prove for theirselves." So we just stood off to the side while they went through it. And at the end of the 45 minute exchange those Gods from Medina bore witness to both the Gods and stated usually the Gods they meet from out of town are weak on their degrees yet let it be known that there are some POWERFUL Gods up in C-Truth. And the fruit saw the science of making allies. I just thanked them for not embarrassing the tree.

And it was Earth appreciation month which was most lovely. The Earth's had returned from another successful Peaceful Earth's Retreat and were in full force. Everything was on time. Below you have a video of the 'honor guard' for the Earths where the Gods formed two rows/files and the Earth walked through it as we sung the Enlightener symbolizing that we protect our Earths. It was a high day for all.

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