Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Universal Flag

universal flag - king sun

In my tree you get your universal flag button after you Knowledge 120. Basically those in the tree who Knowledge 120 ask you to build on any degree that has the sun, moon or star in it. I have taken this to my own Kingdom in C-Truth where we do the same. We generally also acknowledge people who Knowledge 120 during 'Day One' which is October 10th. It makes for good food, a good gathering, some good socializing, and some good building. Yet it wasn't 'all good' for me.

First off I SWEAR sometimes the Gods just liked to see me squirm. I was God Darmel's first 'out of state' fruit so he wanted to make sure that I was sharp. This often translated into me never being right. When it came time for me to get that universal flag button I was up in his house with Barkim Power and Allah Victorious (Barkim's educator) on the damn speaker phone. It was all choppy and static filled cause wasn't no digital refinement back in those days. So, in effect, I had damn 3 generations (not counting me) of my tree right there grilling me.

What was funny is that usually God Darmel played 'good God' vs Barkim's 'bad God'. Barkim wasn't even bringing it to me hard. I later found out it was because he had walked with me alot through the jungles of the city so he basically knew that I knew my application. God Darmel had to make it look good yet he knew also. Allah Victorious though was getting on my last nerve with his cigarette strained voice making me go all throughout the damn universe.

Yet when those magic words came "A good name is better than gold" and he handed me that have to go through it to really get what it means to earn your first flag.

I love when I am able to do the same for my fruit when they have put in the work to Knowledge 120. Thus the saga continues....

Now how I got that first flag engraved...another story for another time.


Serenity Love Divine Earth said...

Oooohhh! I want one!

Earth Allat-- Tierra Allat said...

Peace God,

Thank you for sharing your experience in knowledging 120. It must feel great when one can take the math, alphabet, and lessons and provide a unique understanding to the furthering of our supreme reality.

Earth Allat

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Serenity,
Find out what the measurements in your Kingdom is to get one than!


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace Earth Allat,
Indeed. The process of qualifying oneself is also a great bonding elements amongst my family at home and abroad. That's why those who have gone through it have a unique bond.


"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace God,
I remember when I got my pin. I had to quote hella degrees, and every LONG one. Allah Savior (used to sell the books at the Parliaments) gave me my pin. I be seen'in others only quote one degree- cake walk. It's sad that flags aren't even earned anymore, they are sold. I know there is an old school perspective that lends to the fact that Allah didn't give pins to people based on them being able to quote, he gave it out based on righteousness. I think that only applies to women and children.

What's good big homie? I see you 'back on the blogs' like the Quincy Jones of the cyber


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Indeed Lord. Another thing is that no 'random person' was coming up just grabbing a button. It is also a way to affirm that you are part of the COMMUNITY. In fact Alkim and NiRule are nearing that end of their degrees. If I ain't here in New Heaven to give them their buttons I will send them to SPECIFIC people to qualify for them.

Brother OMi said...

waiting on the book...

SV Allah said...

Peace God,

I see that math on the earning of one's flag. In C-Medina you have to show and prove each individual lesson and then at our family day you have to stand before all of the Gods who already know 120 and they just grill you on anything from degrees to history. I went through said labor on the wisdom god day in July and it was intense born u truth I wouldn't have had it any other way. I had already showed and proved all of the lessons to my educator on the wisdom power day in May, thereby achieving my goal of knowledgin' 120 by the time my first show and prove came around. Even still I looked forward (anxiously of course) to showin' and provin' in front of the Gods for the final seal of approval. That tradition is one that should never die Lord.


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace God,
Indeed. Steel sharpens steel. We want to see if you bringing steel or a piece of tin.