Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Same as it ever was...

Once In A Lifetime ( LP Version ) - Talking Heads

Because its what we do.

From the beginning going to the Universal Parliament from C-Truth was always a communal thang. I mean Gods and Earths would gather in New Heaven from the Heartland (Hartford) and New Life (New London) and we would roll as a caravan. Somethings were always predictable. In the early eras Divine Nature, Just, Victorious, Beautiful Isla, and myself would take that Metro-North train down to 125th. On the train we would go degree for degree with each other. The conductors at times thought we were arguing (well maybe we were) yet everyone was just a passionate builder.

In later years Gods and Earths from the New Heaven era would drive down together in several vehicles. We would meet up at the spot and roll. Daanish would come in from New Life (New London), True Shah and Shahmecca were always running late. I was hoping I-Victory was going to sleep going there yet he would never go to sleep in that baby seat in the back. While waiting for everyone to come we would socialize, Build and generally just enjoy company.

Scientific and Self I Allah coming down in that bucket from the Heartland. Lord Sincere coming down from the Heartland and then making me drive his car. And yes..we always had food..ha.

That one summer of the Show and Prove where some Gods from Mecca-Mass stayed in New Heaven the night before and we all rolled together. To the Show and Prove where Divine Ruler came to visit us in New Heaven and my fruit at home, I-Born, met my fruit from abroad (Supreme Blackmind, Kahelah Symetric) for the first time at the root of their civilization, New Heaven.

As I rolled down to this month's Universal Parliament (which will be my last one for a minute as I journey West) with Alkim and NiRule Unique in the car I couldn't help but to reflect on how familiar this is. The building on degrees, the damn jokes, the networking, the social equality. How natural it is to want to be around people who speak your same language. As I leave I realize that will always be the same as it ever was.

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