Friday, January 16, 2009

Earths in the early Suras

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Of course the Earths have a place in my history in the Nation. And I don't just mean my personal Earths throughout those times.

The first Earths that I clearly remember were the Earths of God Darmel. He has two Earths and they were usually the ones who greeted me at the door when I came through to Build with the God. It was all a trap though. While they were offering me some food or drink they would ask me what degree I was on and have me recite it. I thought it wasn't planned, yet it was. They seemed to take a perverse pleasure when I was messing up and insinuate that i better tighten my sh*t up. Later on God Darmel let me knowledge that it was his way of 'checking me' to make sure that I always keep it Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120. Keep it mathematically scientifically sound. I saw this later in my travels where some would ask an Earth to Build or an Earth would ask them to show and prove and then the God would get all emotional. Math is math. If you're wrong you're wrong. Get over it.

Queen Shavasia Earth was one of the first Earths who asked me straight up to manifest my Understanding of a degree. It was the 14:14. I remember her distinctly asking me a couple of questions.."Who is bringing those training units now?" being one of them. Also I remember her stating that if your Earth doesn't know how to do those things than God better know how to do them so that he can teach her.

And of course India She Rains Earth. This was the first Earth I educated who eventually became the Earth of one of my first fruit, Divine Nature Allah. Along with Just Self Allah this was the nucleus of my first 'crop' in New Heaven. The adventures, legendary. India is far east Indian via Trinidad. It was often hilarious to see people 'think' that she was Indian straight from India yet then break out in some ill patois.

Now first off she is only like 3 feet yet her voice and attitude is beyond measurement. Whenever it was 'going down' with the Gods you can BET India was going to be up in the mix whether it was a physical or mental ass whoppin'. And the contraband that she use to carry in her headwrap.

In my travels from those days until now I have met various types of Earths. Just like Allah manifests in 99+attributes so does the Earth manifest in 99+elements.


Ravynn said...

Peace God this was an enjoyable read. Got a nice chuckle out of that. Peace to the Earths indeed!

C'BS ALife Allah said...

to get a little salty when Shasia and Qyessence caught me slipping on my degrees!