Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Civilization not religion.


SUNEZ said...

Peace God,

Is this really just Pragmatism not Religion?

Pragmatism in politics always questions cleverly but at its core it sees "that truth is preeminently to be tested by the practical consequences of belief." While it admits that there are dangers in belief, it also sees that belief is a reality not likely to be disproven. In the hands of the politician everyone believes in through hope and change forthcoming as the mandate, the ability to reason past truth with an excellent overview of reality is quite dangerous...And admirable in its slickness.

One can also go further and suggest that these are the beginnings of a fascist way of thought as his declarations actually proven are pro-Israel, he is ridding us of one of its most infamous military bases out of 700 to 800 worldwide and applies a centrist approach in a post extreme right world appearing as a messianic leftist. With such 'capital' to work with on the people, the fascist has the opportunity to cling to one "truth," nationalism, and seek to solve all the ills that have the country in national decline and decadence with total support.

Or, is all this just another of the last great hands "they" can play after 1914 so what does it matter that I have named it so?

Peace my brother,
Sunez Allah

C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace God,
I agree. I would add that at the root of Yacub's World Manifest as nurtured by the teachings of Musa that their civilization is rooted in 'can't we all just get along'. That is needed so that the 10% can have a unified front to manifest their agenda. That doesn't change the fact that his civilization is not Allah's civilization which is rooted in righteousness.

In terms of Obama's declaration on my end I intend to use it to draw those who may be moved by it from religion to our common cause. I know a few who already have been repelled by the over religious right agenda. Their attraction to Obama as a symbol is strong in that they are examining his qualities and seeing which one's they can emulate. If 'agnosticism' is amongst those I'm going to build with them via that bridge.