Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black, Brown and Yellow in New Heaven

PSK - Schoolly D

Sometimes the one you think isn't going to make it ends up to be the strongest one.

I remember the first time I met I-Born Justice. He was ready to get that knowledge of himself. He was eager. I taught him his Supreme Mathematics right on the block in the middle of the night. He was in college and 'educated'. I remember that I had to institute the "I-Born" rule because he would take forever to manifest a degree and still end up with no point. The "I-Born" rule was that he had to summarize how he saw a degree in one sentence.

He's a soft spoken God. That's why many times alot of people (including myself) mistook that for someone who was 'just hanging around.' He wasn't the most fiery. He wasn't the most hood. He wasn't verbally the swiftest. Yet in looking back the God did manifest the attributes of honor and loyalty to the highest degree of anyone I have ever known.

If I needed anything he was there before I finished my sentence. He might not speak loudly yet when things ever broke out where fights were going to break out he got his knuckles scuffed. I also NEVER had to worry when my (ex) Earth and I-Victory was in his presence. He stood by that code. He protected them as his own and coveted not his brother's wife. Even though I-Victory in his 'brat' phase didn't like him the God still showed him incredible warmth.

I haven't built with the God in years. He moved to New Life (New London) and I have been in and out of New Heaven. He came down this weekend with his Earth and his son Alkir Justice. To see the God with his own seed brought joy to me. To hear him talk to the new borns Alkim and NiRule about his experience in the Nation and how he learned the importance of saving the babies and being a strong foundation for his family was again, humbling.

It reminded me that the first thing that ALLAH taught the young men of Mecca wasn't that they were God. He taught them that they were brothers. My fruit are my brothers. I have alot of damn brothers and sisters in this Nation. When I teach this I am bonding with my brother or sister. I came to the wilderness of North America by myself yet I'll be damned if I am going to be lonely up in this piece.


"Yellow Seed" said...

Peace God,
That's positive that the brother walked his own miles and come back to the foundation. I've had a similar experience with one of my fruit. The ultimate point that was made was the point of "brotherhood" and being brothers. Loyalty and dedication are languages that seem 'ancient' and almost as dead as Latin, nowadays. It is something that we hold in high regard in our cipher- that 'g-code'.

Eternal said...


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace God,
That G-code. Important. I still remember the day on the corner in Mecca that Knowledge Build froze him on a degree. I KNEW I had just given him the degree so when Knowledge Build asked what degree he was on why did he go there with the one just given..ha. It's all peace though because he took things back to the lab and prevailed.