Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Storm Economics

For my family shoveling snow has always been a family affair. It's been that way ever since that blizzard back in '77. My siblings and myself had mini-shovels and we all went at it. Only later did I figure out that is was part of my family's ethic of 'do for self' and 'economic planning'. In the past one reason that families were large was due to the fact that in the agricultural age the larger the family, the greater land you could cultivate, the larger the harvest ie...more dough. Even in this modern model all of us shoveling kept dough in the family (no matter how small an amount). As I grew older it became only my father, my brother and myself doing it still manifesting the same above principles while at the same time starting our first degree in manhood training.

As we move through eras I noticed that there were less boys combing the street after snowfall looking to shovel people's walks. It has been kinda disheartening in that there is always this talk about economic regression and lack of jobs. And we know that the streets ain't pumping with drugs like in the 80's so alot of the inner city youth ain't hustling like that anymore. That is why I was so glad when I saw three young brothers approach my house after this latest snow storm.

Now those that knowledge me realize I hardly ever rest being active at all crazy times of the night and day. When the last snowstorm came I got stuck various places in the car and my sidewalk looked like the antarctic. I was really defeated. I live on a hill plus the drive way is encased in two walls and gathers more snow than anywhere else on the street.

They approached on the humble and asked for an amount that was WAY too little for the task. I told them don't disrespect me like that..hahha. They did an excellent job AND I contracted them for any future snow storm. Now what does the above have to do with "Black t Nature"?

*Keep it in the Hood
Employ your own. This is the start of keeping money in the neighborhood. This is one of the most effective crime deterrents (employing our own).

Snow blowers cost gas and thus are another drain on environmental resources

*Get Familiar
Nowadays many people don't even knowledge who their neighbors are. As a youth all the elders in the neighborhood knew me and my parents. We need to follow up and do the same. How else do we expect a community to arise?

*Give accolades
Tell people they did a good job when they do good. I mean we have 1001 ways to downgrade each other yet how many times do you tell people that you appreciate the work they've done?

*Every moment is a teaching moment
Did I mention when they saw the universal flag their eyes peaked? Also had them in the house for some vegan hot chocolate Aztec style with the hot chili. It's ALWAYS about the science of everything in life.

Flicks from the blizzard of '78

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