Friday, November 07, 2008

With all said and done

Maybe month or so from now or after he actually becomes president (he's the president ELECT folks) I'll add on with some deep reflections. I will say this off the muscle though, how many people who voted do you know can actually state any of Barack's stances on the issues? Did you knowledge that those white supremists who were going to do a killing spree and assassinate Barack they let go scott free (can you imagine them letting go any Original people who had that much firepower and threatened to kill anyone)? Does anyone remember the Cointelpro document that details the government's response to a Black messiah? It's either kill him or control him.

In the years to come I am sure that the question will be "where were you when Barack was elected"? Everyone stating on how this is a moment in history. I have heard that stated so many times in various situations that it becomes lackluster. When I was at the Day of Outrage it was a 'moment in history." When I was at the Million Man March it was a "moment in history". My degrees say that I must make history vs. just writing it. For me, the more appropriate question is "what change did I make following this day in history". Everyday I am to make history.

Some have stated that we have no more excuses. That do me is a weak observation of the state of Original People. We never had any 'excuse" on that level. We did have a systematic program that was/is set against us. In the end those who know have to assist in the waking of those who don't know. For the one's who know we ain't never used any excuse anyway and we don't need a cheerleader to help us. For those who don't know they weren't using anything as an excuse.

As for me, I'm going to harness the energy of the moment and see can surf with me and ride a wave (and I HATE surfing).

Did I mention that man loves his wife.

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