Tuesday, November 11, 2008


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Got to Build with my alike Wise Teacher from Mecca-Mass whom I haven't added on with in a while. Good to see brothers still showing and proving who they are to the world. Remember that the coming of God wasn't for you to go and hide up on a mountain top. Show and Prove is in our degrees for a reason. Shoot...anyone can be 'holy' or 'wise' if they lock their self in a closet or retreat to a mountain top or get lost in the woods.

And though I've been reading it since he founded it I been negligent in making Knowledge Born about the blog of my alike, the God Victorious, authors called Hood Intelligence. Read the latest post there reflecting on the Presidential Election

Above is a throwback pic from the 2003 Show and Prove. My alike Wise Teacher is all the way to the right in the red shirt, his young moon is at his feet, I'm to the left of him and I-Victory is just left of center with his green Hawaii 5-0 looking shirt. Rocking the Enlightener on stage.

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