Monday, October 06, 2008


“I see white people....”

In Spain

Now the reason why I mention this is because many people somehow write off the Spanish ethnicity as being white. This is often doe with various white ethnicities (primarily Italian/Sicilian). Various 'reasons' are given that they are '½ Original People' from the Moorish occupations to the conquests of Hannibal. Now I will be the first to admit that there are enclaves and lineages of Original People in those countries yet to blanket everyone from that country as '½ Original” is damn wrong when the reality they are justs white.

I bring up Spain because with racism and white supremacy. Most people's conception of white supremacy is either centered around Southern Racism, the KKK, or racism rooted in Nazism. People forget that Spain was a major player in the slave trade and as a result a major exporter of the notions of white supremacy world wide.

This is actually a major element in the current landscape of the current conflict amongst many black and brown people in parts of CA. The Mexican landscape of racism is a direct lineage from Spanish notions of race. Ironically there are even bastions of Mexican white (remember “Mexican” is not a race it is a nationality. Being Mexica is the race) supremacist. So while they separate their selves from all non white people in Mexico there is already a historical program ingrained in the original people of Mexico based on skin tone gradiation (dark=bad and light=good).

(also don't buy all of the bull in the above video...50% of all mexica don't have 'white' blood amongst other lies. I just clipped the above to show there is white supremacy even in Mexico)

On the international scene though recently we have been reminded that Spanish=white. First there was the case of the Spanish basketball team who posed with all of their members pulling back their eye sockets to mock Chinese players during the Olympics. What is 'ironic' is that they find 'nothing wrong' with it.

Secondly there is this clip of a Spanish man assaulting an Ecuadorian sister while on the Spanish metro. He is actually on the phone talking about how he hates dark skinned people.

Just like Original People aren't monolithic neither is white supremacy. Each white ethnic group in their implementation of Yacub's rules and regulations put their own spin on it. It is important that when dealing with Original people of different ethnic groups that we discover what spin they are dealing with. That spin is the rotational speed and will allow us to detect what planet they are dealing with vs dealing with the planet Earth which is the home of In Self Lies All Mathematics.


Ruben said...

I come in the name of Knowledge Equality!

True indeed God, I'm Decendant of Spaniards and Aztecs and Mayans, and we do have blood from those indigenous ethnic groups, and there is racism in our country(Mejico). Like any other country we also have racism, and alot of 85 percenters in Mejico tend to insult the original man, because of its color, since i knew knowledge of self, i knew that i was an original man(Asiatic Black Man), and even of my skin color Mexica white, i overstand that I am God, and that I am 16 shades of Black.


Sha-King Cehum said...

Peace God,
Great post! It is indeed very important to keep this in mind. and the history involved with the shaping of that mindset. Many of our 17 milion brothers and sisters will feel the backlash of this mindset and automatically repel from their brothers and sisters yet not have any understanding as to specifically why they may not see themselves as alike. Colonialism is a mofo! This mindset is very similar throughout so-called Latin America and is perpetuated by the ruling class, those Euro's still in power in most countries. The numbers of enslaved Africans was greater there and they wiped out way less indios than admitted so to curtail the people's identity , they rallied them around the one drop rule, which was different from North America in that it promoted the idea that one drop of white blood made you 'white'. There is a really good book on it in Puerto Rico called "Not of Pure Blood" detailing institutionalized racism in the 1800's and how that shaped the modern Puerto Rican identity.

Also, keeping in consideration the occupation of the Moors in Europe for 800 years. We have to deal with understanding that, the rule came to an end per se, in 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella launched their campaign of white supremacy by uniting the Northern Kingdoms against the Moors. And this has been the focus since then, which means a large scale campaign to white wash Spain, Southern France, Italy, etc, and establish a white identity. So many or dare I infer 'most' of them are no longer the same and probably have as much black blood as George W. Bush....except in certain regions.