Friday, October 03, 2008

growing up

Understanding is getting to the underlaying principles of something. It's not taking something at face value and getting in depth. Like looking at the human body yet having to get in the inside to see how the nerves, muscles, bones, and organs cause everything to flow.

Without Understanding you won't see you own worth or value and will end up being manipulated by others and brought into messed up situations. Having Understanding allows you to impart meaning on a situation and make informed decisions. It is no crime in following someone if they are going in the right(eous) direction. In fact you look mighty stupid not moving in that direction in your quest just to be 'different'.

Having Understanding brings sight. You can see that great man, that great woman, that great companion, that great opportunity. Some of us are too old to be claiming that we see yet still reference our 'inner child'. It's time to grow up.

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