Friday, October 17, 2008

Gods and Earths on the blogsphere

A foundation is firm. Stand firm (pay attention) to God who is the Original Asiatic Black Man. He will teach you how to bring things together so that you will have refuge in any storm. Remember even religious people seek to be with God. If you are fleeing God (and you have knowledge of self) or if the 85% don't want to be around you...then...nuff said. Evaluate.

Being the Sun of Man I have been definitely stimulating life and matter. As such I haven't made the time to fully acknowledge my family's additions and contribution to the blogsphere. Below is a flurry of sites. In time I will line them up on the RSS Nation feed yet for now just do the knowledge to the variety.

Supreme Life Givers: Open Letters from Gods and Earths in prison

Power of Refinement

Eternal Earth

Sketch of Tranquility

Universal Language

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