Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't try to be 'equal'

Peace. Whatever your stance is on politics you will have to admit one thing. Racist dreggs are rising to the top in terms of reminding you that THEY don't like YOU. Those who know our mandate realize what we are to do and how we are to address everything. Remember that if you come back on their level you are ON their level and there ain't anything progressive about that (for those who don't understand that doesn't mean being no damn pacifist cause self defense is the order of the day). In reviewing all of the above by Building with my Father who has 'seen it all' he ALWAYS let me Knowledge that governmental law cannot change how a person thinks about you. Make no bones about it. These are the same people who were rocking sheets and nooses in the 50's and earlier centuries. In these times at least be aware because when they feel 'threatened' they lash out. Do you keep track of the 'hate crimes' (and yes I am including the po-lice up in there) in your hood? Again, it ain't about 'politics'. It's about what politics is 'unveiling'.

And remember how it will all go down

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