Friday, October 10, 2008

Day One

Peace. On Oct 10th, 1964 one man brought 9 youth together and taught them about about the science of life. These nine youth became the first nine born of Allah's Nation. This is Day One of the Nation of Gods and Earths. Wherever you at at remember that point in history as the full dispelling of the concept of that mystery God and the returning of the full birth rite to the children.

On this day I like to renew thinking about what is my duty and what did I promise my Nation. I know this much, talking ain't it. One thing ALLAH left was results that could be seen with the naked eye. Of course I have to rock it the same.


ALLAH Education said...



ABG#7 did not enter the Nation's Koran until mid-December of the year one-64. Who are the nine youth that you are speaking of on OCT. 10, 1964? Also, kudos on the blog and the "shout out". I have the history of OCT. 7-10, 1964; on my blog. Let's compare and cee what we come up with. Peace


C'BS ALife Allah said...

Peace God,
You're right and exact. I checked my sources also. I actually spoke to 1st Born Prince Allah about it back in the day and he mentioned on how they were coming to a consensus on what 'day one' was. He mentioned that was when the 'youth were first brought together' and I always took that to mean the first 9 born yet I always wondered because I knew that ABG#7 didn't enter the Nation until December and the 1st Born of Medina didn't either. I just never got to clear that up. P.ositive E.ducation A.lways C.orrects E.rrors.