Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black MAN

Peace. Wisdom Understanding all being Born to Power. Intelligent activity in order to reach my goals so that they are clear and so that I can get a return investment. Working hard and orderly allows me to clear away debris. The goal becomes clearer and clearer. I then see how it connects to other things. Seeing how it connects enables me to tap into the entire picture. You can see the elements in my Kingdom that are invested with my Power.

As I walk the streets of New Heaven I see the absence of the Black MAN. I see old males who are stuck in puberty. I see the youth that have no model that they can relate to. The following clip express how the notion of manhood has been fractured in the original community. It is up to the Black MAN to make sure he projects himself so that he infuses his environment with his being. All praises due to my father for illustrating to me the perfect picture of Black manhood. All praises due to ALLAH for introducing a system that allowed me to express that manhood the the fullest potential.


Serenity Love Divine Earth said...

Excellent build God! I have been saying exactly this for a minute. It is important for men to be men and women to be women because the babies need to learn. If you look at how children play, they imitate what they cee the adults in their ciphers doing, be it right and exact or be it devilshment. We, baby making adults have to do better.

C'BS ALife Allah said...

and many times we are so caught up in our own 'damage' that we don't realize that we are really creating the same scenario for our babies.