Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seeing Across Oceans

Peace. Being able to grasp something in its totality (Understanding Cipher all being Born to Understanding) means that one is able to accept its past, recognize it present, and push it fulfill its potential in the future. Those who are able to grasp something/someone in their totality become the true architects of reality rather than passive observers.

Yesterday was another day working at the refugee center. I wrote my Farsi 101 with a family from Afghanistan who spoke Darsi. Versed with an Iraqi family who was actually Kurdish in broken Kurdish and Arabic and English. They helped us move in the Afghani family to their apartment just after eating some food after sundown during Ramadan. It's funny because of how I knowledge their customs they always ask if I'm muslim. The key is being aware of the exchange of information. Yes folks immigrants have something to offer.

One of the key things that I was doing was expressing my history as an Original Man in this part of the planet. See many times the refugees I service come from such devastated areas in terms of war that the United States looks like the land of milk and honey to them. And in reality, it is. Yet it is key for them to knowledge also that their status as being Original and an immigrant will have negative connotations also. It is also important to build bridges with the immigrant community and the 'indigenous' Original community here in the United States. By that I mean the Native Nations, so called Puerto Ricans, so called African Americans, etc. The God degree of the 1-14 is still in effect in terms of them wanting to separate us yet the laws that many of the far right in government are drawing up effect ALL original people. And let's not get it twisted. Many think that immigrants are 'stealing' jobs. Others are 'okay' with immigrants as long as they can 'control' them.

See who is around you. Draw them to you. Reach a point where you can see each other.

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