Monday, September 01, 2008


Peace. Renew/reboot. Mentally when you go into deep meditation you are in effect reprograming the brain with the mind. Your body goes into the deep subconscious where those involuntary things like hertbeat, breathing, etc happens. If done right your superconscious can reprogram the brain so that you cn process all of the stimuli tht you've been dealing with. You're now dealing with raw mathematics. When you come out of that meditative state your conscious/median/middle path state will be that much more balanced.

My computer crashed the other day (and check out all of the freshness that resulted because of that in my other blog Black to Nature)

Sometimes you just need to clean up to find that funky smell in your room or to find that one thing you were looking for. Let some stuff go. You'd be suprise what you don't miss.

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Anonymous said...

Peace! Any one raeding this and all raedy doin this meditation thing, please add-on what works, what doesn t work, what to do, what not to do, so I can experience this meditation stuff! Peace?