Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pretty Bronx Eyes

Pretty Bronx eyes
you know that I see you

bricks wet their selves

The word made
Aromatic B-boy stance
in the beginning
slang B prismatic, fractured light post up
flesh word
clammy, tingles under fizzing bulbs
flesh wound
cement carpets nicks from bricks
gangs giving up Stygian sting clips
zip guns, blades that switch
step in shelled shoes with obese laces
kangol hats primped and creased
inundate late night streets with James Brown beats

Pretty Bronx eyes
Play (Black)Spades
cause (Black)Spades to play
Yes I can dig (dug) it
all in together as we wreck rec rooms
statuesque speakers speak beat (streets)
sound of my feet
back room dusty crate greets as we liberate a deluge of vinyl during summer heat

Pretty Bronx Eyes
you keep holding on
to thoughts of rejection
pretty bronx/river eyes belay streams
(baby got) back alleys spew your aura's extrospection
whole world wants to
be down
go down
on you

Pretty Bronx Eyes
media rock frenzy extraction
scratches only surface spitting pop(ular) music perversions
seeks only to take notice of your clothes
their eyes closed to your creative contours, soft shimmer in your skin
they don't notice your
i see them
Pretty Bronx Eyes
in them I see me

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