Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Made Blind, Deaf and Dumb while in diapers

Some quotes from Carter G Woodson's "Miseducation of the Negro". See how relevant they are STILL today. THIS book should be on every Black organization's reading list because the act that his quotes are STILL relevant speaks volumes.

"In the schools of Business administration, Negroes are trained exclusively in the psychology and Economics of Wall Street and are therefore, made to despise the opportunities... among their own people. Foreigners who have not studied economics but have studied Negroes take up this business and grow rich"

Negroes have no control over their education and have little voice in their other affairs.... Negroes are always such a minority that they do not figure in the final working out of the educational program. The education of the Negroes, then, the most important thing in the uplift of the Negroes, is almost entirely in the hands of those who have enslaved them and now segregate them".

On the real, if you haven't read this book (yes..I am talking to you pseudo black intellectual who knows the titles to all of the 'hot' books yet have never read any of them or put the information in them to practice) then do so. In closing..check out the ill table of contents.

1 – The Seat of the Trouble
2 – How We Missed the Mark
3 – How we Drifted Away from the Truth
4 – Education under Outside Control
5 – The Failure to Learn to make a Living
6 – The Educated Negro leaves the Masses
7 – Dissension and Weakness
8 – Professional Educated Discouraged
9 – Political Education Neglected
10 – The Loss of Vision
11 – The Need for Service Rather Than Leadership
12 – Hirelings in the Places of Public Servants
13 – Understand the Negro
14 – The New Program
15 – Vocational Guidance
16 – The Type of Professional Man Required
17 – Higher Strivings in the Service of the Country
18 – The Study of the Negro

Pick it up and make sure its more than just a clever Lauryn Hill album title.

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