Thursday, September 11, 2008

Liquid Swords

Knowledge Knowledge all being Born to Wisdom. Your facts and another's facts and the way that you communicate with each other. The tongue is often compared to a sword as it is one of the ways that one can manifest the words of Wisdom.


and so on

Many focus on just the sword yet what kind of sword do you have? What is your technique? Some focus on their sword being 'sharp' yet it is only 2 inches long and they spend more time nicking their self.

Some have that style like that dude in Indiana Jones where they be waving their sword all around and it look pretty yet they can be taken out with one shot. While other have a similar blur style that weaves a beautiful tapestry where they can cross reference degrees and actual facts.

Some have that quick draw/cut style Iaido style where they don't say a lot yet can drop that one fact that shuts down any debate. Others have a similar style that I call the shank/switchblade style. Where the Iaido builder is well known for their style the shank/switchblade stylist sneaks up on you and people often underestimate them.

Liquid Swords - GZA

Is your sword a scimitar/shamshir that is ancient metallurgy beauty weaving a path through history that updates it in the present?

Or is it a khanda that just smashes every opponent and makes them feel embaressed that they even stepped to you.

Is it an Itakwhich are the words of the common man?

Whatever your sword realize that swords have scabbards (know when to keep your mouth shut). Swords need to be polished, oiled and sharpened on the regular to keep their optimum use (renew what you know and continue to learn). Use only when necessary. Also know how to hold on to your sword...don't drop that thang and be looking stupid with your jaw dropping with nothing to say.

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