Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Iman W.D. Mohommed

Peace. One of my comrades that I grew up with in New Heaven is the son of the head minister of the NOI temple in New Heaven. Him growing up muslim and me just being God led to some good convos. I've also versed with his father on many an occasion. His father was of that rank and file that NEVER became Sunni. See, when the Messenger returned to the essence a whole bunch of former NOI followed his son, Imam W.D. Mohammed into the Sunni faith. His father was REAL critical of those who left he teachings of the Messenger, only later to 'back pedal'. He also was fond of saying that 'many of those negros went back to eating pork.'

Iman W.D. Mohammed was a force that in effect did away with the teachings of the NOI. This is not to take away what he has done in terms of creating a bridge between black Sunni muslims in the United States and abroad (though even with that I have issue. I ain't trying to be nobody's nigga).

What is given credit enough though is how the Gods and Earths preserved the lessons while many became Sunni (only later to come back to the Messenger's teachings) or went on to eating pork. WE were the ones in the streets saying that the Blackman is God. We were the ones changing the diet of the inner city. We are the ones who keep this raw and uncut while other organizations be switching it up every few years. Respect that.

With Iman W.D. Mohommed gone another link in that history has removed itself from the world stage. That is why you have to TEACH TEACH TEACH. Keep it moving. Add on.

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