Monday, September 08, 2008

Build it up

Peace. Build/Destroy. Construct/Deconstruct. It how you add on to the mass(es) with those who are in tune with your positive proactive idea and how you reduce the mass(es) of those that ain't in tune. Speculative (not)Free-mysons talk about the GAOTU. I'm that grand architect of the universe.

I utilize the elements of my environment to show that I am/have always been the Master Builder. In the physical realm there are 8 elemental families on the periodic table of elements (alkalis, alkalines, bosons, carbons, nitrogens, oxygens, halogens, noble gases). The first 4 fall toward Earth thus are called terrestrial while the last 4 float toward heaven thus they are called extraterrestrial.

"God in the Earth and the Heavens above"

When the Original Man makes the above declaration he is taking responsibility. Many seek to avoid taking responsibility. They make every excuse to not teach. Sometimes they try to put full responsibility on those who don't even know they are in darkness to seek the light.

They funny style...will jump into or start an argument about a point of 'doctrine' and spend years, months and days arguing over it yet don't nobody know they God in their hood, they ain't taught nobody nada, and they be on some ping pong reactionary stelo. Theyz talks real well and take up too much of my oxygen

The greatest lesson I learned was that you can't teach God anything. If you disagree with someone who you see as God stop wasting your time and go and teach. If they don't teach nobody that crap will die with them and you will have reproduced. That's why we Build from cellular organisms to civilization.

It's not just about who I can be found around. It's about who I bond with. When I bond with you on any level we about to make something glorious.

Oh yeah it's Love Your People Day so don't front and support the idea that was Born in the mental of the youth.

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