Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yes I write stories

Yet most of them are in transition because I write grand book novel trilogy stuff. Some people have read some of my novels (yes I've completed more than one). Some people may have read some of my short stories. I like to deal with a whole host of subjects. Ya can't pin me down. For me it just has to be funky.

Here are the top 9 stories that I wrote, am writing or need to be written by C'BS

*A polygyny love story

*A epic fantasy piece whose center character is a child messiah who is accompanied by a baku, a butterfly in a crystal ball, and a qilin

*a man who is taken by his Mexican lover to Mexico where she destroy his passport subtly kidnapping him because he cannot speak Spanish

*a guy who commits suicide by destroying his ego and then slowly rebuilds his identity.

*A man who finds out that he has a son after 5 years and seeks to find him in the foster care system after his mother dies.

*A wuxia-type 52 hand block black kung fu epic

*a man who discovers the Earth is flat

*A group of people who discover secret slavery manuals from the middle passage that describe the 'aliens' that visited the Dogon and esoteric ways to reprogram the nervous system.

*A woman who keeps being thrown into the Indian ghost dance and awaits the return of the buffalo

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