Friday, August 22, 2008

Writer's Work

No, I haven't crossed the golden line where 100% of my income is from totally writing
influenced jobs yet I can see it clearly. There are many options out there for you to make your passion your profit.

Freelance writing:
Have to be on your grind and check sites on the daily (I have a few below for ya). It can be anything from ghost writing a paper, doing an ad, to copywrite work.

If you got skills and fresh blog you can get it sponsored. Get paid per post or per word. You can also link into a revenue share program.

Writing Profession Jobs:
Online or hard copy magazines, journals or periodicals. Become a contributing writer, editor, copywriter, etc

Publish your work:
Grind and produce a book. Get it out there. Push it

Work the contest circuit:
There are constant poetry, short story and novel contest. Enter them frequently. If you are a good writer you have a greater chance of winning them rather than Powerball.

Those are just off the dome. Yet what they all involve is you writing frequently to perfect your craft.

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