Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We don't take things at face value...

We (me/I) change it. We (me/I) don't take things at face value. We (me/I) don't accept things at face value. What has been presented as the reality is only a reality out of many realities. I make reality. I make real all I see. I make poverty and dekcuf up conditions in my hood when I don't do anything to exercise my ability to change things. I don't accept the current state of my surroundings as the optimum or pinnacle so I work to change that tihs. That's why I change reality.

The values of Allah are not the values of the majority. That's cause Allah can (all I) see. Power is represented by 5 in arithmetic. There are four cardinal directions and when you stand up you can see that. You become that fifth point. I don't accept things at face value if they aren't up to the standards of Allah. I infuse the world with new standards that will allow my sisters and brothers to stand up.

whatyallgoingtodo - Labtekwon

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