Friday, August 15, 2008

Man up and that boy will never be down

scent of her auburn broken smiles
scorch my feet as i walk dark miles
sip juliet's tainted glass vial?
No, leave not my child behind

sunset sour mi past heart amor
must shed epidermal armor
she is former she is no more
will never leave this son of mine's

break storm clouds with steel jet airplanes
ash downpour as I spill my pain
i fear he will forget my name
our close past only in my mind?

a lullaby fixed to your ear
son listen to birds i am near
mimic my gaze in the mirror
i come for you through salt and brine

young boy we are connected kin
come follow the path of all men
awww man teach you of Ra-Amen
Mathematics cosine and sine

failure not an option or fact
word bond i swore i would be back
return like Quetzalcoatl black
son myself never hard to find

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