Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I have to thank y'all

On the real. Those who knowledge me realize that the last couple of weeks has been intense. Alot of it though with the sense of amazement I am feeling. Due to alot of factors Perihelion Baby is selling at a ridiculous rate. To give you some idea within the last couple of weeks I have sold over 150 copies! It's like y'all got some fever or something! This has been highly due to the efforts of alot of my alikes who have been slangin' it like a mixtape.

Perihelion isn't until around the Gregorian New Year yet I'm feeling it NOW! Next month I already told you about the book signing on the 28th in New Haven. Two other book signings are in the works in New London and Hartford so keep in tune. And if by some reason you're reading this blog and haven't gotten your copy of Perihelion Baby...shame on you.

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