Friday, August 08, 2008

Earth and Heavens above

I like to keep on the cutting edge of science news. With the computer it makes it that much easier vs the days where I use to pick up the latest science journal. Those who understand mathematics know that beauty manifests itself from a mathematical foundation of proportion, harmony, even within apparent chaos if you look long enough you can detect an emerging pattern. It's all math.

For some when they observe nature they use it as a 'reason' to try to point to a mystery God causing all of creation a 'miracle' thinking that means that 'mere humans cannot explain it thus some mystery must have created it'. Little do they know the real root of miracle.

Middle English, from Old French, from Latin mrculum, from mrr, to wonder at, from mrus, wonderful. See smei- in Appendix I.

Man nature is wonderful. I explain and explore it everyday.

Incredible Discoveries Made in Remote Caves

Giant Lake Confirmed on Saturn's Moon

Mars Craft Touched and Tasted Water

The Creator Has a Master Plan - Pharoah Sanders

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Brother OMi said...

its ill cause the babies and i have been discussing the water found on mars. my daughter pointed out that if there is water, there has to be fossils for the life forms that lived there.

i was like "i never thought about fossils..."