Monday, August 11, 2008

Black and Blue

The art of technological writing deems that one utilize every avenue out there when transcribing. The same way that with my physical journals I utilize different methods in terms of transcribing also carries over when I compose on the net.

Blogger is restrained in that it only has a number of fonts and ink colors/effects available yet when I write stuff for my own usage I use inks of varying hues and shades. I sometimes use the most outrageous fonts and glyphs. I use functions like strikeout, italics, super set, etc. like that are going out of fashion.

One of the reasons that I am obsessed with calligraphy (from ancient to modern) is because physically it makes the word dynamic. It gets it move on. I like my physical words to also have that elements (its the visual artists in me).

My first collection of poetry reflected a different aspect of me, the scholar writer. That's another one of my attributes where I trick out my writings with mad footnotes of esoterica. The upcoming collection will definitely be more in the dynamic sphere.

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