Friday, August 01, 2008

Allah U God

Peace. It's now the month of Allah U God. It's a very important month in the schematic of my Nation. Those who know know. Those who don't ask.

I've gotten quite a few comments from people about why I don't 'bring it like I use to bring it' in this blog. Reality is that my Mathematics have been invested heavily in my environment. Alot of what I may talk about is being manifested in the flesh and in matter (and it matters).

There are things that will be revealed in due time. New books are being written to hit the streets near you (I am co-author of one and a contributing author of another). C-Truth is flourishing (I'm talking Builders, civilization, self economic stimuli packages, new borns, etc). Original Thought Metatzine is flourishing. I'm preparing hard for my westward migration after Day One. My young Star guides my path. I've been so productive in writing poetry that you would think that I was expiring tomorrow.

When I say Allah U God. I am saying that C'BS ALife Allah IS God. I am not abstract. There are many who deal with this science and still only deal with the 'catchphrase' the Blackman is God. The give out the title like candy and thus really don't Understand what it is about. When I say I am God I AM saying that I AM the reference point recognize/re-cognize. I am not ashamed of that and I am humble on that level only when I'm eating hummus (check the damn etymological root).

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